How to Prepare for your Photoshoot

We all have that friend. The one that’s blinking in photos or laughing when everyone else is smiling perfectly—and I’m that friend. The one that makes people retake a photo three times and then never seems to know what to do with my hands.

 Because of this (lifelong) experience, I’ve put together a quick checklist to make sure you’re dressed and ready for your photos—and feeling confident— even if you know you’ll be the one blinking!

Here are five quick tips on dressing for a photoshoot:

  1. Comfortable & Authentic: The first thing I will tell you is to be comfortable, and just look like yourself. If you are the person who wears a concert tee and jeans every day, wear it. Photos are extension of you and in this work, we aim to create authenticity. People want to see you and gravitate towards those who are truly comfortable.

  2. Easy on Patterns: Be gentle on the patterns (unless you’re the Hawaiian shirt guy) and keep them very simple. In photography, the “Moiré effect,” for example, happens when thin strips close together create a secondary rippling pattern on camera.

  3. Colors: Don’t be afraid of colors, especially jewel tones. Solid, vibrant colors look the best on camera. Try not to wear stark white or unless it’s under something, such as a suit jacket, cardigan, or sweater. Also try to avoid pastels, unless worn under a darker jacket. Lighting during photoshoots can be bright and can wash out light colors.

  4. Framing Your Face: Collared shirts are often recommended by photographers because they can frame the face. If you’re having trouble with a look, start with a collared shirt and then layer with a blazer. You can also frame your face with jewelry.

  5. Pressed & Clean: Whatever you wear, make sure it’s pet-hair free and ironed! (Or have photoshop built-in to your photography contract!)