Sister, Sister

By Morgan Lasher

We’ve been working together for over three decades—if you include bouts about riding in the front passenger seat, compromising on names for pets, and sharing a closet. That was hard. We think that counts.

We’re sisters. In addition to the childhood preparation to be good business partners, we were also prepared for marketing careers since the womb. Mom worked on her Ph.D. while we were in elementary school and practiced her marketing lectures with us at the dinner table. Dad, an advertising exec turned entrepreneur, is a grammar enthusiast who has actually reminded us on more than one occasion that a puppy dies if a possessive apostrophe is used incorrectly. He says it with a smile—and not a maniacal one—but we will forever trust that correct grammar is a ginormous deal.

They’re both branding nuts, and their babies are branding nuts, too.

Okay. We’ll prove it with our more LinkedIn-inspired bios here.