branding, communications, & marketing

We amplify the authentic voices of organizations & places. We amp-up strategic marketing & communications plans. We’re an amp for your brand.

In an elevator, we might tell you that we develop brands, craft messages, and share them with the market.

Here's what we offer:


All of Amp Strategy’s services start from a place of marketing strategy and are fueled by creative content. That means we begin each project with a thoughtful, living strategy based on the unique strengths and goals of your organization, and our communications, marketing and engagement tactics are powered by compelling images, graphics, copy, and creative content.


At the core of our work is engagement. We help our clients connect with the communities they serve through strategic engagement plans that stretch from social media and email marketing to influencer campaigns and events.


From nonprofits and foundations to retailers and manufacturers, we help clients strategically communicate with the right audience through well-crafted advertising (including traditional and digital ad buying services), press releases, and media monitoring.

Amp co-founders once sat on opposite sides of the media table: Kat, on the client side of media buying and public relations, and Morgan on the client-services side, providing marketing strategy and advertising to organizations.

Now together, they help clients identify target markets and choose advertising outlets and media partners that best fit strategic goals.



When you work with Amp Strategy you also have access to the talented members of the Summit Collective. Summit Collective is a group of creative professionals who work both independently and collaboratively to offer a wide range of services including graphic design, website development, SEO, photography, and videography. As a full-service creative agency—without the large overhead—we can engage our larger team for specific projects as needed. With the Summit Collective, you get lower costs but comprehensive, high-quality services.

Example Projects:

  • Custom Websites and Web/Mobile Applications

  • Graphic Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Photography

  • Video Production

Here’s how we engage with clients:


Have a specific event, launch, or project coming up? We also engage with our clients for short and long-term projects to help amplify a specific message or event.


About half of our clients, choose to engage with our Amp team for ongoing support, at an estimated number of hours per month. In that capacity, we become a part of your team and act as your broad marketing division or PR division, or something more specific like your media buying arm, your publicist, or your community engagement team.


No marketing team? Small marketing team? We’ll craft and implement marketing strategies and systems with our team or yours.

Our first step? Start with a strategy. We’ll craft a comprehensive brand marketing strategy based on your goals, and then plan an implementation.